1. Back to School Outfit Ideas: Overall’s a Good Look!

Ahhh, back to school at last… after a relaxing and fun summer that seemed to have flown by in minutes, we’re back to the books! Hours of studying and classes await us ahead, so you know what that means: comfortable yet stylish outfits! I know the struggle: stylish outfits are often not the most comfortable! However, in this Back to School Edition, I will be presenting you 4 different outfit ideas that are stylish yet unbelievably comfortable at the same time! Play around with these outfits and tweak them to match your personal style, and you’re on your way to some incredibly trendy outfits!

p.s. I know dress code can be a pain sometimes, so I tried my best to make these outfit ideas wearable for dress code regulations. You will no longer sacrifice your stylishness for a set of rules!

So let’s get going with outfit #1:

When you want a comfortable style, a pair of overalls are your best option(As you can see here I’m sitting pretty comfortably on a bench). For maximum comfort, I suggest getting a more slouchy pair. It will feel like sweatpants! This pair is from Zara, and Im absolutely loving the “NO BAD VIBES” detailing on the side!


In my opinion, a button up shirt can dress up just about any outfit, so you can choose to wear a button up shirt like me if you want to dress up the overalls a little bit more. Try to  choose a bright, contrasting color to add a vibrant and joyous feel to your outfit!


The sequined popcorn design on this pair is just too cute!


As for shoes, these are a must: comfy sneakers! Walking around school is a piece of cake in a durable pair of sneakers such as these black Vans.IMG_2230

This outfit looks good with just about any backpack/purse, however this Betsey Johnson Milk Carton Crossbody went so well with this outfit that I had to include it! It’s perfect if you’re going out with your friends right after school. No need for an outfit change, just a quick bag change! You don’t even have to use this exact purse; any purse designed by Betsey Johnson is bound to give your outfit some fun flair!


So there is your first outfit! Feel free to tweak it to match your own personal style. Stay tuned next week for Back to School Outfit 2! ❤

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will hopefully see some of you again next week! 🙂

Outfit details:

Overalls: Zara(not sure if they have this exact pair anymore, but you can get a similar, plainer version here)

Button up Shirt: Zara(not available on site anymore, but this shirt and this shirt would look just as cute!)

Shoes: Vans

Purse: Betsey Johnson Milk Carton Crossbody (no longer available on website, but this purse is just as cute and eye catching!)



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