3.  Back to School Outfit Ideas: Denim Queen!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog quirksandskirts! I have begun a series of Back to School outfit ideas to make sure you stay comfortable and stylish at school! Sometimes comfort (and dress code…) means sacrificing your personal style, however that does not have to always be the case. For this blog post, I will be going over outfit idea #3. Let’s get going!

Today’s advice is all about using denim to your advantage. I don’t know about you, but I always loved the look of denim on denim. Playing with various textures and colors of denim as well as mixing and matching them together is a definite way to to add some unexpected spice to your outfit.

Today, I decided to go for the monochromatic denim on denim look, which is a classic. Monochromatic means there are different tones of the same color, such as light blue and dark blue. Have you ever watched videos of people doing ombré nails? Yup, that’s an example of utilizing monochromatic colors!


I chose to wear a light blue denim button up shirt along with some darker blue, slightly slouchy jeans. Again, we’re going for comfort here, so a little slouch in your jeans is the way to go!


In order to add a little of my own personal style to this outfit, I decided to pair it with this white wide brimmed fedora hat. If you do not prefer hats or your school does not allow them, don’t worry! the outfit will look just as cute without it. However, if you are going out with friends or family after school, I suggest popping a simple hat such as this one onto your head to accessorize and add a a little something extra to your outfit!



As for shoes, I opted for some simple black booties. It added a surprise element to my outfit since it’s such a dark color in a sea of brighter ones!



This look goes perfectly with any backpack that you may have, but this purse takes the cake! If you do not choose to or cannot wear it to school, I suggest wearing it for an after school outing with friends or family. No need for an outfit change, just a bag change! This bright pink purse caught my eye the minute I saw it because of it’s unique design(and because I am in love with the color pink). In addition to having the characteristics of an old fashioned telephone, the telephone sitting on top of the purse actually works!! Isn’t that crazy?! All you must do is take the cable(it’s tucked inside the purse in this picture), plug it into the audio jack on your phone and you can use it to talk to somebody on your phone when you call them! It’s like an extremely adorable version of earphones. I hope that, in the future, more designers follow this path of wearable tech because this purse was just unbelievably winsome and endearing!



So there is your third and last comfortable and stylish back to school outfit idea. Remember: slouchy denim jeans are a must have when aiming for comfort because they are insanely roomy on the inside. Plus, they still allow you to look a little bit more dressed up! Play with various textures and colors of denim, and find the combination that best fits your personal style.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and hope to see some of you next time for the final back to school outfit! ❤ 🙂

Outfit details: 

Denim button up: Trouve (not available on site anymore, but similar one here. This one is perfect for hotter days!)

Pants: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: Coach

Hat: Forever21(similar black one here)

Purse: Betsey Johnsons Hotline Phone Crossbody Bag

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