Top 10 Important Things to Keep In Mind Throughout the School Year

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Alright, let’s face it: Sometimes, school can be the most stressful component of our lives. Homework, AP or IB classes, keeping up with your social life, participating in millions of extracurricular activities and *gasp* for high school seniors, college applications are just around the corner! All of these responsibilities might wear you down, stress you out, and make you have more breakdowns than you can count. Today, I will outline the top 10 important things that you should keep in mind throughout the school year to keep your emotions at bay and to keep succeeding and working hard in school! These tips really helped me when I kept them in mind, so hopefully they help you too 🙂

Let’s get started!

1. ) Never compare yourself to the students who excel in math, science, etc. and never beat yourself up because you are not smart in those subjects. Trust me, I know it’s devastating when you see other students being praised for these things and being put on a pedestal for their intelligence, and you feel inferior or not good enough because you didn’t get that A that they did on the Chemistry test. Instead, work even HARDER to earn those good grades. It’s 100% worth it. You should also tell yourself  “Hey, I might not be naturally good at these subjects like these people, but I know I’m good at …”. And if you don’t know what you’re good at? Explore! Take some time to really take care of yourself and explore unknown abilities. We were all born with a purpose and a God given gift, so don’t be afraid to explore new hobbies!

2.) Stay true to yourself and who you are. When you see your peers behaving or dressing in a certain way that is different than you or being interested in certain subjects that are different from your interests, do not feel down because you feel “different”. Believe me when I say this: DIFFERENT IS GOOD. These things that make you feel different and an outcast? When you step into the real world, you will find that these characteristics that make you different are the source of your strength and voice in this world. You will find where you fit in. Just hang in there, and persevere. I always felt different from my peers in high school. I understand how you might feel, so do not be afraid. You are not alone!

3.) Make sure to eat some breakfast! I know this might sound like quite a silly tip, but you must never forget this! If you can, I suggest preparing some breakfast. My #1 favorite quick and easy healthy breakfast is this:

Take 2 slices of whole wheat toast, spread some all natural almond butter on top of each slice of bread, sprinkle some cinnamon, and slice up some strawberries and place them on top. This is insanely quick to make! It only takes  5 minutes! It’s rather filling as well. You can also make your breakfast the night before, refrigerate it, and you’re good to go in the morning!

4.) Uplift and give support to other students and be nice and friendly to your teachers. You never know what other students are struggling with or going through, nor do you know about your teachers’ lives. Strive to be understanding of everyone position, and uplift and give them hope.

5.) Ask your teacher questions during class if there is a concept you do not understand. If you’re in college, go to office hours. I cannot even begin to explain how helpful this was in my academic career. Don’t be afraid at all to ask your teachers questions! This will do amazing things for your grades. Trust me.

6.) Manage and use your time wisely. So maybe we don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to time…but don’t make it a habit!

7.) Don’t worry about being popular. Do not strive for this. Do not beat yourself up if you are not the popular, well known girl in school. Do not beat yourself up if you only have 1 good friend. In fact, that’s all you really need! Focus on your studies, because it’s much, much better to be cool later in life than in high school.

8.) Stay organized! Seriously, this helps so much!

9.) Don’t worry about being popular with boys or having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Also do not worry if you aren’t in a relationship or never had one. When the time comes, it will come. But for now?  Stay on track and study hard for your classes and have fun with your friends!

10.) Believe in yourself. Always. You can succeed in whatever you wish as long as you put your mind and heart to it!


Thanks for tuning in to this blog post! I hope to see some of you next time! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Important Things to Keep In Mind Throughout the School Year

  1. This was such a good post- especially considering school is just around the corner, it’s given me plenty of things to think about, so thankyou. ❤ Just about to visit your channel now, hope your time on YouTube is really good and you are successful, I'm looking forward to watching your videos! 🙂 x


  2. These are some really great tips. As a College student, it can be daunting when everyone seems to understand a topic in class and you are the only one who falls out of line. However, I have learnt to accept my strengths and weaknesses as no two people are ever exactly the same.

    A person may be good with music while you may be good with painting. So also, some people are good with numbers i.e Math et al while another may be just perfect when it comes to writing letters, constructing compositions and words in general.

    Thanks for the great post.
    This is informative.

    1. I don’t douch.
    2. I’m not a fan of hot water so no matter how cold it is, I’ll try to bath cold.
    3. Sometimes, I feel so lazy to simply switch off the AC/Fan and simply lay down there shivering.
    4. Never taken supplements. I don’t like medicines one bit and only take them if absolutely necessary.
    5. I do this when I’m washing my face or rubbing makeup.



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