Outfit of the Day: Rainbow Shine 

Hello everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

Today’s blog post will feature one of my favorite outfits from this trip. The minute I saw this rainbow colored dress at the store, I had to grab it! I’m a girl who has a thing for bright colors, so this dress was the piece that stood out to me the most!

So, let’s get into it!img_3750-1This dress reminded me of none other than a beautiful rainbow. It’s insanely flowy and light, which is perfect for the hot tropical weather.img_3741
Just look at all that color! Usually, multicolored dresses, shirts, etc.  like these are a bit difficult to style. However, I have one tip for you: let the multicolored item do the talking. In other words, let it shine on its own! Keep the accessories very limited, and opt for some neutral colored shoes. By doing this, you shift all the attention to the multicolored item. img_3738img_3682-1img_3742

I wanted to keep my hair out of the way so that the focus is on the dress. I decided to braid two lace braids and have it cascade into a fishtail braid. This was the final result! Braids are a cute way to keep cool in hot weather.img_3743-3I believe it suits the dress rather well. This hairstyle would look beautiful with some flowers!
And that is my outfit of the day! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Hopefully it gives you an idea of how to style the multicolored pieces in your closet(if you have any) Remember: let the colors shine! Even if you don’t have multicolored pieces in your closet, try color blocking! It’s just as fun 🙂

I hope to catch some of you on my blog again soon! 🙂

Outfit details: 
Dress: a vendor in Indonesia(This dress is just as cute!)

Shoes: Steve Madden(Similar here also by Steve Madden)


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