Featured Shoe of the Week: Eye See You 

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? 

Today is Tuesday, and time for a new (short but sweet) blog post. This post is all about my new favorite shoes: Drops by Steve Madden. These shoes were actually inspired by Chiara  Ferragni’s Flirt  shoe. It looks nearly identical, but with some tweaks here and there. EditI love these shoes because they are comfortable AND adorable. They are perfect for walking around school and they are definitely an eye catcher. I wear them all the time and they seem to match with every single outfit I wear! 

If you have trouble styling this kind of shoe, just remember that it is VERY versatile. Try it out with any outfit you have! 

I highly suggest you grab a pair of these for your own, or some kind of unique shoe. They are always great additions to your closet! 

Until next time, my beautiful bloggers 🙂 


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