How to Style: Fun, Neon Colored Boots for Fall!

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog!

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you different ways on how to style fun, neon colored boots for fall. I will be featuring my favorite neon coral rain boots by Coach in this post.Neon colored rain boots are extremely fun, especially for those dreary rainy days! If you don’t have a pair, I highly suggest grabbing some! They certainly provide an interesting pop of color to your fall outfits.

Let’s get started!

Outfit #1: Keep the Colors Quiet and the Outfit Casual


rainboots-4The simplest and easiest way to style neon colored boots is to pair them with casual clothing and quiet colors. By quiet colors, I mean colors that don’t really stand out that much (browns, dark blues, soft pinks) By doing this, you also let the boots do the talking. They will pop more than ever in your outfit and everyone’s eyes will go straight to them!

rainboots-2Since the boots are already a stand out, pairing the boots with simple, casual clothing that won’t stand out will prevent your outfit from looking “too loud” or like there is too much going on. The outfit will have good color and style  balance and will be pleasing to the eye.


This hat was the cherry on top, and gave my outfit a relaxed vibe!rainboots-6


2. Use  Colors to your Advantage

Another way to style your brightly colored boots is to use colors to your advantage. Remember in my Tips and Tricks on How to Always Be Stylish! post, I mentioned how to incorporate the different color relationships into your outfits? If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, check out my post! It will help you tremendously if you know how to effectively use your colors 🙂

Here, I incorporated all the primary colors into my outfit. It keeps the outfit fun and bright on such a dreary rainy day!

rainboots 7.jpgrainboots 8.jpgrainboots 9.jpg


This beret keeps me warm and is irresistibly cute!rainboots-16rainboots-17


3. Wear it with your Summer Dresses

rainboots-11rainboots-12Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean your summer dresses should go ignored! Neon colored boots provide you with the perfect opportunity to give your summer dresses a breath of fresh air and a new colorful twist.

In this outfit, I paired this tropical summer dress with an unbuttoned shirtdress to add a little warmth. I think the neon coral color of my rain boots pairs nicely with the green tones of my outfit. To make it even toastier, pair it with a turtleneck and some tights and you should be set!


Don’t throw away your summer dresses just yet! Revive them for fall by layering up!


That wraps up today’s blog post! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you found this post helpful on how to style some neon colored boots. If you don’t have any, hopefully I inspired you to get your hands on a pair! They will definitely liven up your closet.

Until next time, my awesome and wonderful bloggers 🙂


Outfit Details 

Outfit #1:

-Coat: Topshop

-T-Shirt: A boutique on Takeshita Street in Harajuku

– Jeans: Bullhead Denim Co. – Pacsun

-Hat: A boutique on Takeshita Street in Harajuku(This one is super adorable too!)

-Neon Coral Rain Boots: Coach

Outfit #2:

– Turtleneck: Banana Republic (This one is just as adorable!)

– Overalls: Zara

-Beret: Ross

-Neon Coral Rain Boots: Coach

Outfit #3:

-Dress: Topshop

-Unbuttoned Shirtdress: UNIQLO (This coat is just as simple and cute! Click here)

-Neon Coral Rain Boots: Coach



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