Featured Purse of the Week: Betsey Johnson Deer Clutch

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you the details of my new favorite clutch as well as how I styled it. It’s so irresistibly cute(like all of Betsey’s bags).

So, here it is! I present to you: the  Betsey Johnson Deer Clutch! 

img_5116What I love about this purse is that it can serve not only as a clutch, but as a convenient cross body purse as well!

The darling dear has a pair of adorable eyes that gaze at you when you look at it.


Her nose is heart with the name Betsey Johnson engraved on it. img_5117

She also has some lovely ears that are just oh so cute!img_5119img_5123

Now that we went over the details of the purse, here is how I styled it:

Outfit #1: Casual Brunch 

I went out to brunch with some friends earlier this week, so I wanted to be more relaxed and casual. Here, I paired this giant oversized sweater with a pair of black denim shorts, slightly opaque tights,  Drops by Steve Madden slip ons, and this adorable deer clutch/purse!img_4909

img_5114img_5113I have been loving this oversized sweater trend. Giant sweaters are very comfortable, warm, and stylish!img_5112

The deer clutch/purse added the extra dose of cuteness that my outfit needed!

Outfit #2: Happy Halloween!

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my halloween costume this year, so this was the result! I decided to be a deer because I already had a beige colored shirt, skirt, shoes and the deer clutch/purse to top it all off.img_5107img_5111img_5108img_5115I decide to buy these antlers from the halloween store and do some DIY deer ears. They cost me only $2 to make!img_5118Here is my deer makeup from that day:img_5104img_5106img_5105I’m actually very sad that I won’t be able to wear this costume anymore… I really loved it and I wish I could wear it for more than just one day *cries*


And that wraps up today’s blog post! Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it! This deer clutch/purse harbors the ability to add an extra pizzazz to all my outfits. Go check out Betsey Johnson’s bags and apparel! Her designs are the quirkiest.

Until next time, my wonderful and awesome bloggers 🙂

Outfit Details:

Outfit #1:

Oversized Sweater: Goodwill

Shorts: Hollister Low Rise Denim Short Shorts

Pantyhose: Jessica Simpson (similar here)

Shoes: Drops by Steven Madden

Purse: Betsey Johnson Deer Clutch

Outfit #2

Shirt and skirt combination: UNIQLO (similar here also from UNIQLO)

Gloves: Spirit Halloween

Deer Antlers and Ears: Spirit Halloween, Ears were DIY

Purse: Betsey Johnson Deer Clutch



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