Outfit of the Day: Indonesian Influence

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day 😀

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my outfit of the day. I am wearing a very beautiful Batik dress made in Bali, Indonesia. The design on it is just so beautiful, I’m in love with it! The beautiful design is actually handmade, so it is a very well made dress. It is definitely a statement piece on its own, so no extra accessories were needed.img_5827img_5828img_5830I decided to wear heeled sandals with some stockings underneath because it was cold outside, but I was tired of wearing boots all the time. This is another way to wear summer shoes during (moderately cold) fall weather! img_5825I decided to wear a ponytail because it was raining outside AND I was having a bad hair day so I said ahhhh why not just pull it all back and it actually ended up adding a chic element to my outfit. Usually I wear my hair down so this changed things up a bit as well!img_5829img_5824img_5826IMG_5832.JPG

So there you have it! My outfit of the day. It was raining outside and wearing open-toed shoes was probably NOT the best idea, but I was tired of wearing boots. I probably would have worn boots with this outfit if I looked outside before I stepped out, so lesson learned: always look outside before picking your shoes hahaha.

Until next time, my wonderful and awesome bloggers 🙂cropped-newblog-banner.jpg

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