Stylish, Oversized Outfit Ideas for the Winter Season

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well today.

If you’re like me, you love to feel like you are wearing a blanket over yourself when you wear clothes. Loose clothing is the best for when you are just NOT feeling the tight skinny jeans. Plus, it’ll give you freedom and comfort all day, so why not?

However, even though I love comfort, I still love looking stylish. People usually do not want to wear baggy clothing because they claim that it is not flattering. Well, I am here to tell you that baggy doesn’t always mean unflattering! Today, I am going to style a few outfits and show you that baggy is always better(during cold winter days at least).

1. Try a huge Hoodie

Hoodie: From  Skirt: from Purse: from Boots: from

Wow you guys, if only I could reach in and pull this outfit from my computer! Anyways, wearing an oversized hoodie is a great way to look comfortable with minimal effort. Looking stylish has never been so easy! Pair it with your favorite skirt to give it a fancy touch and some thigh high boots to keep you warm and BOOM! You got a stylish outfit for wintertime. That was a piece of cake! If this outfit is too cold for your liking, feel free to wear some stockings underneath the skirt.

2. Giant Turtlenecks

Turtleneck Sweater: from Boyfriend Jeans: from Shoes:  from Tote: from Baseball Cap: from

Oh, turtlenecks. How I love you so. Oversized turtlenecks are a ticket to stylishness! The outfit that I have styled above is perfect for running errands. Pair a baggy turtleneck with some relaxed boyfriend jeans for extra comfort. A baseball cap will give your outfit a chill vibe. Try keeping your bag simple, like I have in the picture above. I decided to pair the outfit with a simple but practical tote that will be useful for when you are running those errands! Oh, and those mary jane platforms with socks? Totally worth trying out.

3. Long sweaters are In

Cashmere Blend Long Sleeve Dress: from Cargo Pants: from Boots: from  Beanie: from Purse: from

My goodness, I am IN LOVE with this outfit. Long, baggy cashmere sweaters are so comfortable and warm for winter! Pair yours with some loose cargo pants like I have in the outfit above for maximum freedom. A beanie will help keep those ears warm and add a little pizzazz to your outfit. Try keeping the beanie a different color from the rest of your outfit. As for shoes, chelsea boots are a comfy and fancy alternative to sneakers. Add an adorable purse, like this unicorn purse, and you are on your way to the cutest outfit ever!

4. Skirts during Winter

Turtleneck Sweater: from Skirt: from Shoes: from Hat: from Bag: from

I know what you may be thinking: “Skirts? During winter?! I’ll freeze!!” But fear not, because even those summer skirts can be reused instead of collecting dust in your closet. Now, if it really is freezing where you live, you can ALWAYS wear STOCKINGS under the skirt.

In the above outfit, I paired an oversized turtleneck sweater with a loose, flowy metallic skirt. Remember, nothing tight! As for shoes, wearing sneakers was a must to keep the outfit casual and comfy. Add a fedora hat for a classy touch and top it all off with a cute backpack. This would be a perfect outfit for school!

5. Sporty Vibes


Jacket: sold out, but this jacket from is just as cute! Sweater: Pants: from Boots: from Pizza Wristlet: from


Athleisure to the rescue! Get your hands on a puffy sporty jacket, loose sweater and some trousers and you are on your way to maximum comfort! In the above outfit, I paired a loose sweater (I picked that sweater because pizza is amazing) with a puffy down jacket and some green track pants to maintain the sporty vibe. I swapped the sneakers with some platform boots for some elegance. Choose to wear any bag you want, but that pizza wristlet is just so adorable!


And that is a wrap! Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you found today’s blog post useful and helpful 🙂 Baggy outfits are definitely something that everyone should give a try, especially during the cold winter months.

I hope to see you around my blog next time! Goodbye everyone! cropped-newblog-banner.jpg

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