Comfy College Outfits+Exclusive JORD WOOD WATCH GIVEAWAY!

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog.

It’s been awhile, but I am back with some comfy college outfits for you all and an *gasp* exclusive JORD Wood Watch Giveaway! I have had the amazing opportunity to partner up with JORD Wood Watches to put together this giveaway for you all. Their  watches are so clean cut and polished, I just couldn’t say no! They come in a variety of different styles, but the one I will be featuring here will be a REECE series in Zebrawood and Emerald.
You can get your very own here! JORD Wood Watch in ZebraWood and Emerald


I love the this JORD Wood Watch because of its color and clean style. I noticed that I can wear it with any outfit and it went together quite nicely! I love simplistic watches such as this one because it goes with everything and I don’t have to keep purchasing new watches just to match all of my outfits(which can get quite frustrating haha.) I will definitely be wearing this watch very often in college!

Stay tuned ’till the end to enter the giveaway! You won’t want to miss out!

You can also check out more of Jord’s watches here!


So, without further ado, let’s start!

Outfit #1: Back to the 90’s

This first outfit is all about the fun 90’s, with the classic black tank top layering and bright vibrant bomber jacket. This bomber jacket from COACH helps give a vibrant pop of electric color to the outfit, while the fun and flirty flats pulls the outfit together in the cutest way. And, of course, my JORD Wood Watch adds the slightest green color to my outfit, giving it variety.


Outfit #2: Grey Tones 

The shirtdress is my favorite because it’s super comfortable for those long days in classes when you don’t want to wear anything restricting. They are also extremely versatile. You can pair it with anything from jeans to leggings, or with some high rise boots. Here, I layered it over some warm black leggings and threw a grey coat over it to keep it casual and warm. My JORD wood watch matches watch matched with my shirtdress, so I was pretty happy about that!


Outfit #3: Slip into a slip dress

Ever had a slip dress, but didn’t really know how to wear it for the colder months? Don’t worry, I gotchu in this next outfit. In this outfit, I paired an oversized turtleneck over my favorite ZARA slip dress. This turtleneck sweater form UNIQLO has got to be the comfiest turtleneck I own in my closet. Because it’s so oversized, there’s lots of room to move around and be comfortable in. I love it so much! At first, I didn’t think the watch would match the outfit because of its emerald color, but I was very mistaken! It added the perfect subtle pop of emerald to an outfit that mostly had muted tones.


So that is it for today’s blog post! I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope to see you around in the future!

ALSO, don’t forget to enter into my exclusive JORD WOOD WATCH GIVEAWAY! It’s your chance to win one of these awesome watches! With such polished designs, you wouldn’t want to miss out! They can add a stylish pop to any outfit. The one I am wearing in the photos above is the Reece Series in Zebrawood and Emerald.

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As always, I hope you all have a wonderful day and you all are amazing 🙂


I also made a youtube video on this topic! Come check it out!

Head on over to my youtube channel if you’d like to see more videos 🙂 Click here!

Luxury Wooden Watch


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